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Why Would You Consider External Wall Insulation

There are many reasons why you might choose to insulate your outer-walls. One main reason is if your property possesses solid walls instead of cavity walls.

This is common in properties that were built before the 1990s. If you have solid walls then unfortunately you are restricted to internal/external insulation, and, therefore, this is your only consideration.

Internal insulation methods will take up some of your internal floor space, and most people don't have enough space inside their homes as it is!

Plus, you do not obtain the same levels of thermal efficiency with internal insulation, as external insulation literally wraps the house up like a jacket around your body.

This will also help to minimise cold bridging - which is the transfer of cold air through your solid wall's brickwork. The gap between a cavity wall's inner and outer shell helps to prevent cold-bridging, but a solid wall does not contain this gap.

Overall, it's a great way of renewing the image of your home, whilst also boosting its thermal qualities.

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Masonry Crème

ProPERLA Masonry Creme is the ultimate masonry protection cream that keeps properties warm & dry by creating a super hydrophobic coating on a range of substrates, including brick, stone & concrete.

Facade Coating

ProPERLA Facade Coating is an advanced exterior wall coating. The super hydrophobic coating is for exterior mineral substrates, such as brickwork, that require a coloured wall coating. Comes with a 10 year guarantee.


ProPERLA Masonry Crème does not restrict the ability of the building to breathe. Water vapour permeability testing was conducted in accordance with BS EN ISO 7783:2011 and it demonstrated that the coating had little effect on the water vapour diffusion of the substrate.

Application of our masonry cream protects the walls and cavities by keeping them dry whilst allowing air and moisture to escape. It maintains the important capability of the building envelope to breathe. Unlike some stone and brick sealer products, it does not block the pores of the masonry by coating them with a thin film. Therefore, the product is a breathable masonry paint which helps to prevent penetrating damp.

Properla Masonry Creme Specs

Properla Water Repellent Details

You will recognise the excellent water repellent coatings properties by its beading behaviour. It will make the masonry dry and extremely resistant to biological hazards, mould, mildew etc. A dry masonry will improve the thermal resistance, prevent frost damage and reduce the growth of microbial spores.

Super Hydrophobic Coating

A surface is considered super hydrophobic if a water droplet beads up (with a contact angle greater than 140⁰ and the droplets can slide aware from the surface readily (it has a small contact angle hysteresis). Super hydrophobic surfaces repel water, causing it to form beads because it is more attracted to itself than the surface. This means water will run off the surface making it extremely difficult to wet.

This is known as the ‘lotus effect’ due to its similarity to the lotus leaf but is also seen on duck feathers and butterfly wings.

Substrates coated with the protective masonry cream will respond in the same way – water will form droplets and won’t penetrate the substrate. Independent testing has shown that it reduces water absorption by 96.3% and meets the British standard for water vapour resistance BS EN ISO 7783:2011.

Prevent & Protect

By diminishing water absorption, our clear masonry cream has been proven to reduce soluble salts migrating from bricks and mortar thereby preventing unsightly deposits of salt efflorescence. Whilst salt efflorescence is generally considered an aesthetic problem , it does have the potential to cause structural damage, such as the erosion of mortar joints, known as sulphate attack.

In contrast to our coloured masonry paint, the masonry cream does not alter the appearance of the building, it helps to maintain and protect the natural beauty of the masonry;

Proven Performance

ProPERLA Exterior Facade Coating has undergone independent tests by UKAS certified body Lucideon and has been proven to meet the following standards;

independantly Tested & Certified

ProPERLA wall coatings have been rigorously tested and certified by the UKAS accredited testing laboratory, Lucideon (No. 0013), to give you peace of mind.

Lucideon is an independent materials testing and analysis laboratory. Using their state-of-the-art facilities and scientific expertise, Lucideon can thoroughly test product performance and provide impartial results.

ProPERLA wall coatings have been tested for durability, thermal insulating properties, breathability and water repellency.


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