Top tips for narrowboat life

With rising rents and huge deposits required for mortgages, it’s perhaps no surprise that an increasing number of people are exploring the potential of a life afloat. Already, over 15,000 […]

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Insulation is not a new thing, as you might expect. It was born out of our desire to keep warm and insulating techniques have been around for thousands of years […]

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Dust can affect your horse’s comfort, performance, and happiness – and you can prevent it. Horse&Rider explains how to get rid of stable dust once and for all. We’ve all […]

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Insulation Trends and Technologies

Recent advancements in insulation technology provide architects, engineers, and contractors with options formerly unavailable . Besides controlling heat loss, factors gaining importance as insulations become specialized include impact resistance, fire […]

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Riva Covid Guidelines

At RIVA Insulation we do take shielding very seriously, as we do go into peoples homes all of our Assessors do comply with Personal Protection Guidelines, they do wear face-masks and protective clothing, when your Assessor comes down from your loft they will stay 2 metres from you during the consultation for your protection and the Assessor's, ensuring the safety of all concerned (you can even have the consultation in your garden if you feel more comfortable).

More COVID-19 Advice